Ottery Transportation, Inc. is owned by three brothers, Herb, Steve, and Pat and was
formed April 1st, 2005 by combining two existing companies, Jerry Ottery Milk Trucking
and Ottery Carriers.

Jerry Ottery Milk Trucking

Began in 1969 when their father purchased a farm milk route that consisted of one tractor and trailer. Over the years, with the help of his wife Louise and his sons, the business expanded through purchasing additional farm milk routes and growing as the customers he hauled grew. This business consisted almost entirely of farm routes, but took on large direct ship farms, some that began to send their milk out of state. In April of 2000, he sold this business to his sons Steve and Dick. As new opportunities came along, they continued to expand into longer haul transport of milk and dairy products. The company had six quad axle milk trucks and seventeen semis when they merged with Ottery Carriers.

Ottery Carriers

Began as the over the road extension of Jerry Ottery Milk Trucking in 1990. The company consisted of three tractors that hauled railroad tank containers from the rail yards in Chicago to juice plants in the Midwest. Throughout the 90’s, Herb and Pat expanded the company by providing over the road tanker service. The company grew to 27 power units until they merged with Jerry Ottery Milk Trucking in April of 2005.

Ottery Transportation

Was formed April 1st, 2005 when the two companies merged and purchased a third tanker company. Both companies were beginning to run some of the same traffic lanes and felt that they could operate more efficiently as one company.

In August 2006, Ottery Transportation purchased another small tanker company. Along with that purchase, they have purchased new trucks as both new acquisitions and trade-ins and continue to grow on a steady basis.

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